SOMA Trauma Therapy Specializing in Treating Physical and Emotional Car Accident Trauma

A car accident is an upsetting, shocking, and often devastating experience. It has permeated into many parts of your life by making even routine activities difficult. You are frustrated and no one or nothing seems to be able to help. You are at a loss to know how or where to get help. At SOMA, we help you understand and heal from the traumatic effects of the accident. SOMA’s whole person approach helps reverse the crisis an accident may bring to your life.

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 Beverly Schwartz Soma Trauma Therapy Car Auto Automobile Accident Acupuncture sara-cagle-home-soma-trauma-therapy-car-auto-automobile-accident-acupuncture-150x150 Genevieve Johnson Soma Trauma Therapy Car Auto Automobile Accident Acupuncture Rachel Clark and client Soma Trauma Therapy Car Auto Automobile Accident Massage

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“It’s a welcome reprieve to work with someone who understands the type of trauma, anxiety, and depression I’m feeling, and can see it from a clinically objective standpoint while offering a personal and caring connection.”

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