A Crash Course in Getting Over It

BeverlyHello everyone, and a special hello to Portland, Oregon. Welcome to the site that could help soothe you back to your usual self; that is, if you have been in a car accident and are still reeling from the emotional effects of trauma. I am the owner of a new company called SOMA Trauma Therapy. We specialize in helping you to process through the uncomfortable residue from the accident. People often underestimate the powerful emotional effect that a car accident can produce. Who would think that even a relatively minor accident could make us feel so badly a month or so later? Our usually stable nervous system gets thrown out of whack from the accident, and then leaves a trail of symptoms that we don’t know how to manage.

Check out a few articles here that give real life examples of people trying to handle the emotional aftermath of an accident.

Beverly Schwartz, LCSW

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