Delving deeper with trauma therapy

For me, the most fascinating aspect of working with people who have been in automobile accidents is watching the transformation that takes place during the trauma therapy. People don’t just simply return to who they were before the accident—they often literally transform mentally and emotionally. Why is that? Because in the therapy they have the opportunity to delve more deeply into themselves, to discover, with support, how they may have been holding onto ingrained beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve them. They become aware of deeper emotions that need expression, that when allowed to surface, liberate them to make new and usually better choices. In short, they feel transformed. And this feeling enables them to make important changes that also transforms their lives. I have witnessed this phenomenon many, many times. It is real, it actually happens. Some people quit current jobs to find more fulfilling positions. Some people stop overloading themselves with unrealistic expectations. And others let out tears or fears that have been silently plaguing them for years.

Kudos to all of you who have gone through this process, coming out feeling truer to your self. And all because of an unexpected automobile accident!

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