SOMA Trauma Therapy Testimonials

A good friend recommended Genevieve and said that she is amazing. I came to see her several times with a really intense pain in both my shoulders and my back. She really helped me with the pain by using multiple techniques. She did an AMAZING job. She is a wonderful person with great energy. She is also very professional and has a lot of knowledge regarding her field. I am definitely going to keep coming back!! I highly recommend anyone to see her for a treatment, she is one of a kind.”

“It’s a welcome reprieve to work with someone who understands the type of trauma, anxiety, and depression I’m feeling, and can see it from a clinically objective standpoint while offering a personal and caring connection.”

“Beverly Schwartz’s trauma therapy services was honest, thorough supportive, and professional. I was very impressed with the process and the results that I achieved.

Last year, I experienced a car accident and was referred to Ms. Schwartz. I must admit, I was a little skeptical of therapy following my car accident, yet at the same time I was experiencing anxiety, memory loss, tiredness, confusion, and the inability to multi-task, which all caused me to be frustrated, short-tempered, impatient, and stressed.
Ms. Schwartz’s honesty and tact allowed me to really look within myself and begin the process of healing, not only my mind but my whole body. She trusted in my ability to do this for myself even when I did not. She found my “rhythm” and moved at my pace, allowing me time to breathe and take in the therapy process one step at a time. She listened, reflected, coached, and problem solved. After a couple of months, I literally felt myself transforming, getting stronger, and becoming myself again. In the end, I felt whole. I felt I had regained control of my life.

I am no longer a skeptic!

In summary, Ms. Schwartz has a remarkable way of working with people; thus, she comes with my highest recommendations! It has truly been a pleasure working with her!”

“Beverly’s experience, knowledge, personality, and warm spirit make her the perfect partner to help ease the emotional toll. Together, we are making plans-of-action to help me through this difficult and scary time.”

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